About Us

The DoorSafe Register is the official list of automatic door technicians and their companies who have the ADIA BS EN16005 City & Guilds accreditation. This demonstrates they have the knowledge and understanding of automatic door safety.

Always check that both the company and the technician is on the DoorSafe Register.

As the original providers of the BS EN16005 course and exam, it would have been easy for us to ignore the idea of an accreditation. However, we believe having City & Guilds support our training with an accreditation is important to your business.

Not only are we going to tell you why, but we will also be informing potential clients of yours.


Bespoke Programmes

 The ADIA and City & Guilds have developed bespoke programmes for the BS EN16005 and the automatic door sector. The accreditation meets the City & Guilds benchmark giving external validation from their respected global brand.


City & Guilds Accreditation Benchmark model

 The City & Guilds Accreditation quality benchmark model has been developed from over 130 years of experience in managing quality systems and training programmes which now includes the ADIA’s BS EN16005 course and exam.


Commitment to Quality

 As City & Guilds Accreditation is only awarded to the highest quality training, it demonstrates our commitment to excellence, making our trained members stand out from their competitors.


Quality Model

When the City & Guilds Quality Consultant reviews our BS EN16005 against their Accreditation benchmark, we receive detailed feedback and advice on areas that might need improvement and how to build this into our existing quality systems. With this feedback and advice, we improve and develop our training to ensure it reaches the standards that are expected.


Inspiring Confidence

Being able to promote the BS EN16005 as having City & Guilds Accreditation will clearly demonstrate to both your engineers and your clients that the BS EN16005 accreditation is of the highest quality and therefore ensures the safety of the public when installing and maintaining automatic doors.


With these factors in mind, we are sure that your clients will consider the safety of the public above all. It is our duty to educate industries that the BS EN16005 is an incredibly important feature for the safety of the public. With your companies name and engineers on the DoorSafe Register it will be clear to contractors, retailers, architects etc. that you have received a level of training that others may not, making you their safest option.

If automatic doors are not installed correctly or regularly maintained, they can malfunction. In addition, if the right safety measures aren’t installed or serviced the doors at some point will cause harm.

It may not even necessarily be the installation that is the issue. It can also be that the door has been poorly maintained, not inspected on a regular basis, and have defective sensors or pieces. This can result not only in damage to property but may cause physical injury to unwary customers.

Because of the increasing number of accidents and injuries, automatic doors today are designed to be safer to use than before. Microwave, infrared, and a mixture of both are now being utilized to make sensors detect approaching individuals more accurately and react more rapidly to it. With this improvement, the public can now expect a more secure and protected environment.

If someone is injured it is likely that a claim may be made against them to both the establishment and to the company who was to be maintaining the door to the correct legal standard, the BS EN16005.

This safety standard is part of the Machine Directive, a legal document, that should be followed when installing and maintaining automatic doors. Should your company not adhere to these requirements, your business may be at stake due to the high cost that is to pay out to accident claims and legal fees.

If you’re not wishing to risk the safety of the public, money or reputation, the best thing to do is to ensure all of your automatic door engineers are trained to the BS EN16005 as well as our other courses.

If your engineers have at least one year’s experience working with automatic doors they can complete the BS EN16005. Alternatively, if there are still requirements for automatic door knowledge to be developed, we recommend that candidates take our Service & Maintenance course.