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Pickerings Lifts was founded in 1854 and has had an unbroken history of independent ownership since that date. The wealth of knowledge we’ve gained from over 150 years experience has made us into the UK’s leading independent lift manufacturer we are today. Throughout our history we have been awarded for the excellence and quality of our products and services and have continually been at the forefront of new developments within the industry, including being one of the first companies in the country to manufacture lifts, being the inventor of the self-sustaining Hand Lift and Service Lift and being founding members of the LEIA. At Pickerings Lifts we are proud of our heritage and the integrity that the name carries.



Technicians with ADIA BS EN16005 Accredited by City & Guilds

Technicians with ADIA BS EN16005 Accredited by City & Guilds
  • 1.
    Parry, Shaun- City & Guilds No:IWQ1403- ADIA No: 2046- Expiry Date:15/12/2018
  • 2.
    Tremble, Matthew- City & Guilds No:IWQ0357- ADIA No: 2088- Expiry Date:15/12/2018
  • 3.
    Hall, Keith- City & Guilds No:PSA6780- ADIA No: 2367- Expiry Date:16/03/2020
  • 4.
    Clavering, Stephen- City & Guilds No:PSA6792- ADIA No: 2368- Expiry Date:16/03/2020
  • 5.
    Galloway, Lance- City & Guilds No:PRV5517- ADIA No: 2369- Expiry Date:15/03/2020
  • 6.
    Lacey, Scott- City & Guilds No:PRV5554- ADIA No: 2370- Expiry Date:15/03/2020
  • 7.
    Jenkins, Andy- City & Guilds No:PRV5589- ADIA No: 2371- Expiry Date:15/03/2020
  • 8.
    Richards, Jody-City & Guilds No:PXN0377- ADIA No:2393-Expiry Date:21/4/2020


Pickerings Lifts
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Pickerings Lifts
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