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The S.S Group are an established firm of electrical & mechanical contractors who have been providing integrated security solutions to local authorities and social housing associations for over 20 years. Our expertise combined with our partnership approach, has enabled us to meet our client’s requirements while maintaining a cost effective, quality service from consultation through to successful contract completion


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    Security Surveillance Systems Ltd, Boundary Farm Complex, Grave Yard Lane Bickerstaffe Lancashire, UK L39 9EG
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    Approved Supplier, Installation & Maintenance
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    Birmingham, Co Durham, County Durham, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, North East, Northern, Shrewsbury, West Midlands, Worcestershire

Technicians with ADIA BS EN16005 Accredited by City & Guilds

Technicians with ADIA BS EN16005 Accredited by City & Guilds
  • 1.
    Burke, Joseph - City & Guilds No: VTS9161 ADIA No: 2570 Expiry Date: 29/06/2021
  • 2.
    Jenkins, Brian - City & Guilds No: VTS9173 ADIA No: 2571 Expiry Date: 29/06/2021
  • 3.
    Stanley, Michael - City & Guilds No: VTS9185 ADIA No: 2572 Expiry Date: 29/06/2021
  • 4.
    Ainsworth, Peter - City & Guilds No: VTS9197 ADIA No: 2573 Expiry Date: 29/06/2021
  • 5.
    Brothwood, Andrew- City & Guilds No: BBC3442- ADIA No: 2862 - Expiry Date: 16/04/2023


SSS Group Limited
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SSS Group Limited
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