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Formed in 1975 USG is the preferred choice, uniquely operating from 5 established service centres we offer a rapid nationwide service with our own directly employed engineers. We have the experience, commitment and resources to effect the security solutions today’s clients’ require. Our national service operates 24hrs a day,  365 days a year.

Our expertise, our philosophy and commitment to getting the job done make USG the preferred choice.

Door Services

The front line of a buildings security is its’ doors Universal Security manufacture, supply and install a wide range of doors and specialised security doors to suit the broad range of applications and requirements of our many customers.

Entrance Doors and Emergency Exits

Through our experience in creating bespoke solutions, Universal Security have designed and patented a variety of door solutions, and of which we are especially proud of our Mod. III door.
At the heart of the Mod. III is the steel wrap around chassis, welded to this chassis there are two lengths of square box section which houses the solid steel locking bolts. Having the steel bolts within in continuous fixed housing provides maximum strength against attack.
To compliment the security even further, we install a full length “U shape” security hinge. This hinge has been designed to “wrap around” the door and offer an incredibly high level of resistance against force to the hinge side of the door.

Through our day to day dealings with doors, door hardware including hinges, closers, and door furniture our experience helps provide a reactive maintenance service that is comprehensive and efficient.
Our door services cover emergency doors and panic hardware, Universal Security Group keeps fully up-to-date with all the regulations including those that cover fire exit doors and those that cover free access in the disability discrimination act (DDA).

Shop Fronts and Automatic Doors

Universal manufacture, install and service all types of doors internal and external, steel, timber and aluminium construction. As well as doors our service can include the whole shop front whether to bring the aesthetics up to date or to accommodate automatic sliding doors. Universal install and maintain all types of automatic door sliding and swing, we are also able to automate existing swing doors by using automated door arms.

As with all areas of our services we offer a 24 hour reactive maintenance service.

Roller Shutters

Universal install and maintain most types of roller shutter including sprung or motorised, we can provide a wide selection of lath patterns in steel or aluminium and colour coded if required.
With our years of experience in securing and maintaining the doors and fronts of retail properties Universal are proud of the quality and level of service they provide, and their ability produce to solutions that match the differing demands of a wide variety of clients.
If you need advice on any element of door services for your building then please contact USG.



Technicians with ADIA BS EN16005 Accredited by City & Guilds

Technicians with ADIA BS EN16005 Accredited by City & Guilds
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    Hogger, Andrew-City & Guilds No:OZC8250- ADIA No: 2029- Expiry Date:6/1/2020